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  • #Y2K outfits

    Y2K style aesthetic clothing - cropped t-shirt, mesh tops, baggy jeans, vintage 2000's accessories are all perfect for a Y2K girl. Shop the latest Y2K outfits from Kosmoshop!

  • #Indie kid

    Bright color indie kid style clothes, sweatshirt, hoodie, pants and jeans. Colorful patchy jackets and backpacks. Create your cool indie kid outfits with Kosmoshop! Vintage 2000's rainbow accessories - mushroom necklaces, butterfly pendants, flower tags and much more.

  • #Downtown girl

    Looking for downtown gilrl outfits? Check our new collection of downtowngirl aesthetic clothing. Striped sweaters, graphic tees and mini skirts! Kosmoshop has the best selection of clothing for all your downtown girl outfit ideas.

  • #Danish Pastel

    Looking for Danish Pastel outfits? Check our cute collection of danish pastel clothing and decor! Discover baby blue and pink tops, pastel pants and skirts, danish pastel room decor.

  • #Cottagecore

    Shop the latest Cottagecore outfits from Kosmoshop - nature and countryside life inspired printed dresses, tops, skirts, shirts and accessories. 

  • #Grandma's aesthetics

    Shop the latest in Grandmacore fashion from Kosmoshop - knitted sweaters and cardigans, grandmother inspired socks, hats, vintage retro accessories, socks and much more.

  • #Softgirl / Softboy
  • #E-girl / E-boy

    Shop the aesthetic e girl e boy clothing and accessories from Kosmoshop at affordable price:)

  • #Rainbowcore
  • #Grunge aesthetics

    Shop Grunge aesthetic clothes and accessories from Kosmoshop - dark, black, brown and green outfits are all perfect for a grunge girl!

  • #Personalize it!

    Create awesome personalized items - custom backpacks, t-shirts, hoodies, caps! Add your custom text or picture and get your unique product!

  • #Emoji / smiley / face

    A collection of Smiley-themed products - positive Emoji t-shirts, Smiley necklaces Smiley clothes, Emoji backpacks, Smiley accessories, Emoji stickers and more! Emotional gifts with emoticons for you and your friends :)

  • #Art Hoe / Art Academia

    Aesthetic artsy clothing and accessories from Kosmoshop at affordable price. Art tees, van Gogh, art academia girl aesthetics.

  • #Unicorncore
  • #Avocado lover

    A collection of products "Avocado"! Everything with avocado !!!! Avocado clothes, Avocado backpacks, Avocado toys, gifts with avocados, Avocado stationery for girls, children, teenagers. We have the cutest things with avocados :) Enjoy magical items with Avocados!

  • #Flower Girl / Flower Boy
  • #Spacecore / Astrology
  • #Vaporwave
  • #Lovecore
  • #Pastel Kawaii
  • #Angelcore
  • #Vsco Girl / Vsco Boy
  • #GioGenius

    Welcome to GioGenius' merch collection! GioGenius is a popular aesthetic fashion blogger from Italy. Enjoy the cutest and the most aesthetically pleasing clothing:)

  • #Fruity Fresh
  • #Gummy bear

    The collection of jewelry "Gummy Bear" - pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, pendants in the shape of a bear. An excellent and very cute gift for a friend, sister, daughter, girl! Bear jewelry is the trend of the season. Bright, unusual, original pendants Gummy Bear for you and your loved ones :)

  • #Animecore
  • #Animal lover
  • #Vegan
  • #Angelzdreamz

    Clothing, backpacks and accessories with unique prints from @angelzdreamz_. The most fashionable fresh trendy designs on t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and backpacks! Be cool with @angelzdreamz_. Fashionable printed products for children, teens and adults.

  • #Fake promises '20
  • #Hide your emotions 04/20

    Released - April 2020 | Designed by: Birina | Main colors: white, black | Key words: safety, feelz, minimalism | Mood: reflective

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Whoa! We have something 4 u!

Place your order today before 00:00 and get free US shipping, 10% discount sitewide and 1 cute gift on your choice at checkout!