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A stylish functional backpack is a must-have for 2022. Choose your perfect Kosmoshop backpack from over 500 original models. We have trendy school, urban, popular black and small backpacks for girls, guys and kids! Why buying another regular backpack when your aesthetic Kosmoshop backpack can look amazing producing a wow effect to your friends! The collection includes aesthetic and urban backpacks. Get yours now!


  • #Minimalistic backpacks

    Cute aesthetic plain color school girl women bags from Kosmoshop! Choose your 1 color aesthetic school bag. We have nice colors backpacks for your cool style!

  • #School backpacks

    This collection features best backpacks for school with trendy prints, fun texts and nice accessories. Here you will find school backpacks for teenagers, girls, women and kids with an unusual design, with an abundance of stylish accessories. School backpacks are comfortable to wear, durable, and most importantly handy! Choose a school backpack from Kosmoshop according to your color, style preferences or hobbies :)

  • #Black backpacks

    This collection features stylish black backpacks - plain color, printed, with accessories - choose a black backpack to your taste! Here you can choose a school backpack, a mini backpack, a kid's backpack, school for teens and students. A stylish black backpack is a must-have for this season.

  • #School bag sets

    Beautiful school sets including a backpack, a bag and a pencil case in the same style. All the bags of the set are made in the same design, so they look harmonious. Buying a school bag set, you save up to 30%.

  • #Kosmoshop backpacks

    Welcome to our e-girl / e-boy aesthetics Kosmoshop backpack collection! They have cool text and image prints for girls and guys! The backpacks go with beautiful accessories - chains, piercings and tags! Why buying another regular backpack when your Kosmoshop backpack can look stylish, unusual and modern! These backpacks are perfect for school, hobbies and travelling. Choose a backpack according to your fashion style :)

  • #Backpack-Bag

    Fashionable backpacks-bags with two top handles look stylish, aesthetically pleasing and practical. Use it as a backpack or as a bag.

  • #Kawaii backpacks

    This collection features cute beautiful school backpacks and mini backpacks for girls in Japanese Kawaii style in delicate pastel colors - pink, blue, mint, yellow, white and more! These backpacks are perfect for fans of anime cartoon characters such as 'Sailor Moon', fans of kawaii cats and other cute animals :)

  • #Mini backpacks

    This is a fashion collection of mini backpacks for girls! Small compact backpacks with beautiful accessories look stylish and fresh! Why buying another regular backpack when your Kosmoshop backpack can look unusual and modern! These backpacks are perfect for outdoor activities, walking and hobbies. Choose a backpack according to your style:)

  • #Teenager backpacks

    This collection features cool teenage backpacks for secondary school students and for high school students. A good school backpack for a teenage girl or a boy should be not only functional, handy, comfortable, but, which is very important, stylish and unusual. At a time when every girl wants to express herself and her individuality, creativity, having a cool backpack is a big bonus.

  • #Cool backpacks

    This is a great collection of cool backpacks for teenage girls and boys. In this section you will find a backpack with the most incredible prints, inscriptions and accessories for students! Stylish backpacks are suitable for both school and outdoor activities. 350+ models of backpacks for girlsand boys with worldwide shipping!

  • #Primary school backpacks

    School orthopedic backpacks for primary school - for grade 1, for grade 2, for grade 3, for grade 4! Stylish fashionable cute backpacks for a first grader girl, children's backpacks with a unicorn, pink backpacks :) Order a school backpack for a girl on online store "Kosmoshop"!

  • #Secondary & high...

    Fashionable collection of women's backpacks for secondary and high school school. Here you will find beautiful stylish backpacks in different styles, sizes and colors. Small school mini backpacks for teenage girls, cool women's backpacks for school, secondary school and high school backpacks.

  • #Women backpacks

    Browse our aesthetic collection of women's backpacks including mini and leather backpacks. Shop today & receive free shipping on orders over $100.

  • #Men backpacks

    Fashionable school men's backpacks, backpacks for boys. Stylish teenage men's backpacks for school. Ordering a cool backpack for a boy in Kosmoshop online store is easy and convenient. Choose your perfect backpack :)

  • #Unicorn backpacks

    This collection features cute backpacks with magic unicorns, rainbows for girls. Choose your stylish school, city or mini 'Unicorn' backpack! Pink, blue, pastel, rainbow backpacks are perfect for those who really want to believe in a fairy tale!

  • #Cat backpacks

    Cool cute backpacks with cat prints, with 'cat ears' for girls! For all cat lovers and cat fans, we have created a adorable "Cat" backpack collection.

  • #Geometric backpacks

    Stylish neon reflective geometric 'Chameleon' backpacks. These backpacks are so cool - they glow when the light hits in incredible modulations! Why buying another regular backpack when your future backpack can glow and look amazingly futuristic. The calling card of these backpacks is the unique effect of reflective pieces "chameleon". It reflects light creating lots of colorful gradients!

  • #Sequins backpacks

    Fashionable backpacks with reversible sequins that change color are the trend of recent years. The secret of amazing sequin backpacks is simple. For example, it turns from silver to rainbow or pink, from red to black and vice versa. It is easy to stroke, and the sequins turn over to the side dyed in a different color. In this way, you can repaint the backpack completely or partially!

  • #Galaxy backpacks

    Incredible "Space" / "Galaxy" backpacks with stunning space galaxy prints, planets, aliens and stars! Bright Galaxy backpacks are made of fabric with beautiful prints in the style of space. Backpacks with a Space pattern are suitable for both school and outdooк activities.

  • #Holo backpacks

    This collection features Incredible futuristic backpacks with a holographic effect! Reflective neon backpacks shimmer beautifully with multiple gradients. Fashionable silver, pink and black models with 'Crybaby' embroidery and more! Bright backpacks with a hologram for school are perfect for fans of an extraordinary style. The collection includes backpacks for school and outdoor activities.

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Whoa! We have something 4 u!

Place your order today before 00:00 and get free US shipping, 10% discount sitewide and 1 cute gift on your choice at checkout!